The Australian government continuously revises and changes Immigration, Citizenship and Refugee Laws.


The information on the Department of Home Affairs website is generic in approach and not tailored to suit your unique circumstances, as you might think. 


We advise you to seek legal advice before lodging any visa application.


Please note that any visa application charge paid to the Department is non-refundable if you are unsuccessful with your application. In this regard, receiving a refund from the Department is generally limited.


Getting proper assistance in preparing your application before lodging it is essential.


When making your application, we can assist you with the following:


- Immigration problems

   - Migration application preparation

   - Humanitarian and Protection Visa Application

   - Legal Written Submissions for visa refusal appeals


We are capable of assisting you with all areas of Migration and Citizenship law, including:

  • Preliminary Advice
  • Preparing your application and supporting documents
  • AAT, MRT or RRT refusal to grant visa matters
  • Family visa
  • Skilled Migration
  • Protection Visa



We charge a low initial consultation fee of $200 for a second face-to-face consultation and information-gathering session. The consultation fee will be deducted from any potential legal fees if you use our services for your visa application. 


Our commitment is to provide you with efficient and cost-effective solutions

suitable to your budget and to assist you in mitigating your immigration problems.


We will communicate with you from the initial consultation until the finalisation of your matter.